Tuist Cloud
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Enhance your team's efficiency and future-proof your projects

Tuist Cloud integrates years of Xcode expertise, acting as a co-pilot for your platform team, ensuring projects support the business while promoting a productive work environment.

  • Remote caching

    Preserve cache artifacts and distribute them between local and CI environments to accelerate your workflows.
  • Incrementality across envs

    Build and test projects faster by skipping redundant compilations and unaffected tests.
  • Build & project insights

    We provide teams the data and tools to make informed decisions, detect regressions, and maintain project health.

Return of Investment

Organizations face expenses due to developer inefficiencies. Tuist Cloud optimizes workflows and infrastructure, making developers faster and their work more enjoyable by:

  • 01. Slow builds ― Resulting from Xcode's inability to share build artifacts across environments.
  • 02. Debugging regressions ― Stemming from the absence of tools to monitor project health.
  • 03. Sharing builds ― Often leaving individuals waiting for the next nightly release.
  • 04. Retrying flaky tests ― Due to the all-or-nothing approach to run test suites.

ROI Calculator

The calculator presumes developers can't multitask during a build, whether locally or in CI. This may not always hold true, so use the saved time as a guideline and adjust accordingly.

How many developers are on the project?

How long does the project take (minutes) to build?

In average in every build.

What is the cost to the company?

On CI (e.g. GitHub Actions, Bitrise...)

Per developer and day.

Per developer and day.

Annual Developer Hours Saved
24k h/year
Annual R&D Cost Recapture

Always know what you’ll pay

Free — Personal

Helping individual developers, small teams, and open source projects view, debug, analyze, and speed up their builds.

  • 10 GB of cache transfer
  • Community Support
  • Basic analytics
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Enterprise — Paid

Empowering companies with custom Tuist solutions tailored to the unique requirements of their business.

  • Tuist-hosted and Self-hosted
  • Integration with other services
  • Support engineering via Slack Connect
  • Advanced analytics
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Custom legal (add-on)
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Supporting Tuist long-term

Tuist Cloud is our solution to ensure that people are dedicated full-time to Tuist and to guarantee continued support for organizations.

How do you tell Tuist and Tuist Cloud apart?

Well, think of Tuist as the basic superhero, and Tuist Cloud as that superhero with a jetpack! 🚀 Tuist has features that crave a server's touch for things like holding onto memories (state persistence) or flaunting a server-side GUI – like the cool trick of build sharing. As organizations grow and spawn platform teams to boost developer mojo, that's where Tuist Cloud really flies into action!

Can I give Tuist Cloud a whirl with my project before committing?

Of course! We want to make sure Tuist Cloud and your project are a match made in digital heaven before you part with your hard-earned coins. Drop us an email, and we'll set up a trial – no strings (or codes) attached! 🎉

Planning to add more features to the suite?

Why, are you peeking into our crystal ball? 🔮 We're bursting with ideas but were time-crunched as this was our passion project during off-hours. But guess what? Once we dive into Tuist and Tuist Cloud full-time, we'll zoom ahead, offer stellar support, and launch features previously stuck in our dream vault. Our goal? To either be the trusty sidekick for platform teams or morph into the platform team for those flying solo. 🚀

Will you support me with any new challenges I encounter?

We're all ears for your challenges! Because, let's be honest, Apple often leaves us on 'read' with these issues. Many are stuck in a loop of reinventing or, worse, adopting a web of complexity. Join us in saying, 'Not today, complexity!' and let's bring simplicity to the masses!

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