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Describe & generate
Describe your apps and the frameworks they depend on. If they have unit or ui test targets you can define them too; even Swift package dependencies.
import ProjectDescription
import ProjectDescriptionHelpers
let project = Project.featureFramework(
name: "Home",
dependencies: [
.project(target: "Features", path: "../Features"),
.framework(path: "Carthage/Build/iOS/SnapKit.framework")
.package(product: "KeychainSwift")
Tuist is not a project generator, it’s a tool to empower you to build apps of any scale.
Plain and easy language
Describe your projects as you think about them. Build settings, phases and other intricacies become implementation details.
Instead of maintaining multiple Xcode projects, describe your project once, and reuse it everywhere.
Generated projects are optimized for your focus and productivity. They contain just what you need for the task at hand.
Early errors
If we know your project won’t compile, we fail early. We don't want you *to* waste time waiting for the build system to bubble up errors.
Be opinionated about the structure of the projects; define project factories that teams can use to create new projects.
Tuist is optimized to support projects at scale. Whether your project is 1 target, or 1000, it should make no diffference.
Tuist is a project trusted and supported by developers that are already having fun working with Xcode
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Kassem Wridan
By leveraging Tuist libraries, we’ve built tooling to help us manage and scale our Xcode projects in a safe and consistent manner. Our team has also contributed back to the community to help other developers tame their large projects.
iOS developer at Bloomberg
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Romain Boulay
Tuist has delivered more than the SoundCloud iOS Collective expected! We aimed to make modularization more accessible and maintainable. We got this... and better build times!.
iOS lead at SoundCloud
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Oliver Atkinson
It has really helped out the team and project by creating an environment where defining new modules is easy, modularity allows us to focus and become experts in our individual domains.
Senior iOS developer at Sky
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You can bring more fun to Xcode projects too
Tuist is a welcoming and open source project that is writen in Swift by and for the community
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Tuist © Copyright 2019. All rights reserved. Crafted with ♥ by Pedro Piñera & the contributors.


Tuist © Copyright 2019. All rights reserved. Crafted with ♥ by Pedro Piñera & the contributors.