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Charting Our Course: A Bold New Direction for Tuist in the Second Half of 2023

Tuist's vision for 2023: improved reliability, transparent processes, and reinvented collaboration.

Written by: Pedro Piñera

The world of Tuist is growing more vibrant each day, with our repository bustling with issues and pull requests from developers worldwide. As our community has expanded, we’ve faced the exciting challenge of trying to balance a multitude of tasks, all while maintaining our vision’s clarity and purpose. Well, we’re not just about making tools here at Tuist; we’re about making dreams come true. And to do that, we need a clear, actionable plan for the future—a roadmap for our journey through the rest of 2023. So, buckle up and get ready for the thrilling ride ahead!

Reliability - Our North Star

At the core of Tuist’s ethos is a dedication to addressing developers’ scenarios in a reliable, efficient way. We’re cognizant that we have fallen short of this promise recently and are ready to make a swift turnaround. From hacking around the tool to support unique scenarios to providing seamless support for Xcode project features, we’re geared up to make Tuist the reliable partner you deserve.

From ensuring support for multi-platform targets to providing interfaces for every feature that graces the Xcode stage, we’re focused on expanding our repertoire while guiding our users to contribute themselves. Not only will we improve support for existing Xcode features, but we will also introduce post-generation hooks to make your Tuist experience even more rewarding.

Embracing Dependencies with Open Arms

Our approach to dependencies using Dependencies.swift has proven useful, but we understand some users are experiencing hiccups with package integration. We’re committed to ironing out these kinks, ensuring that your integration process is as smooth as Xcode’s via the SPM.

Moreover, we’re striving to stay in sync with SPM and Apple’s direction, allowing us to continuously improve your experience, even as the landscape evolves. We’re up for the challenge—bring on the tricks, and we’ll deliver the treats!

Revitalizing Caching and Cherishing Build and Test

Caching isn’t just a feature; it’s the heart of Tuist’s appeal. We’re dedicated to making this process more intuitive, from introducing tools for easier debugging to providing APIs for environment information declaration. Moreover, we’re committed to enhancing our build and test workflows, ensuring they’re efficient and provide insights that lead to better decision-making.

Transparency – The Clear Sky of our Journey

We’re donning the cape of transparency, allowing our users a sneak peek into the tool’s trajectory and our work priorities. Our vision and roadmaps will be shared regularly on our blog for feedback, and we’ll adhere to a fixed release schedule and use GitHub milestones for better planning.

Sustainability – The Lifeline of Tuist

To ensure Tuist’s longevity, we’re ready to balance trimming down features with introducing a paid service for full-time project dedication. However, we want this to be a win-win situation, allowing us to support our invaluable users while avoiding unnecessary feature bloat.

Empowering Autonomy

Your independence is our victory. We’re working tirelessly to remove barriers that may slow you down. From eliminating dependencies on Ruby to integrating tools like SwiftLint and SwiftFormat, we’re setting the stage for a smoother development experience. We’re also revamping our documentation and introducing nightly releases to keep you at the forefront of Tuist’s evolution.

Tuist Cloud: Reinventing Collaboration

Last, but not least, we’re making a significant push towards rewriting Tuist Cloud with added functionalities for improved collaboration and decision-making. We’ll also allow organizations to host Tuist Cloud on their servers, and we might even open-source the revamped tool! (Psst, we’re already on the move with this project—so get ready for a mid-summer surprise!)

In summary, our vision for the remainder of 2023 is to do less, but better—to return to our roots and reassess our decisions in the name of sustainability. We’re ecstatic about the growth in our user base, but we know it’s time to ensure we’re built to last. So, join us on this incredible journey, because we’re not just about making your Xcode projects easier—we’re about making dreams come true. Together, we can chart a course through the world of coding that’s as exciting as it is rewarding.