1.18.0 Himalaya - Documentation generation, Swift interface for accessing resources, and code linting.

2020-09-16Pedro Piñera 2 min read

Tuist 1.18.0 is packed with interesting automatomation feature that will streamline developers' workflows further. This new version provides commands for auto-generating documentation and linting the Swift code, and integrates the generation of Swift interfaces for resources into the project generation.

Local caching of frameworks with Tuist 1.13.0 Bella Vita

2020-07-20Pedro Piñera 3 min read

In this blog post we introduce Tuist 1.13.0 Bella Vita. It's is a huge leap forward for Tuist because it introduces a new feature, local cache, to help teams speed up their buidls. This version also ships with significant improvements and some bug fixes.

Building your projects with Tuist 1.10.0

2020-06-04Pedro Piñera 2 min read

This blog post introduces the latest version of Tuist, 1.10 Alma, that starts making projects the source of truth for automation too by providing a standard command, "tuist build", for building projects.

Tuist 1.9.0 - Speedy Gonzales

2020-05-29Pedro Piñera 2 min read

In this blog post we announce the latest version of Tuist, 1.9.0, which introduces significant improvements in the performance of the project generation.

Dynamically generating Xcode projects

2020-05-26Pedro Piñera 3 min read

In this blog post I talk about how Xcode's determinism and speed relates to the static nature of Xcode projects, and how Tuist leverages dynamism to help teams overcome the challenges of scaling up projects.

Tuist 1.8.0 - Adding support for localized sources

2020-05-11Pedro Piñera 2 min read

In this blog post I talk about the Tuist verion 1.8.0 and the improvements that come with it. One of those is being able to define localized sources in the targets. Moreover, we changed the way we read the Swift version to always read it from the environment.

Why Tuist?

2020-04-28Pedro Piñera 5 min read

In this blog post I share my thoughts on why I think Tuist is a good choice to scale up Xcode projects, and guide the reader through what I believe are key features to make that easy.

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