About Tuist GmbH

About the company

After 7 years building a solution that strikes the right balance between cost and utility for maintaining and evolving Xcode projects, Tuist, in 2023 we formed a company in Germany, Tuist GmbH, to fund the development of Tuist through a set of complementary products and services, one of which is Tuist Cloud.

Our mission is to help organizations scale the development of apps with Apple's tooling by providing a unified and accessible toolchain.

Built on open principles, Tuist GmbH is committed to offering flexible solutions that seamlessly integrate with the whole mobile ecosystem, while fostering a welcoming community for our users to grow and succeed through open collaboration, governance, and transparency.

The company is registered in Finanzamt für Körperschaften III, 12099 Berlin:

  • Tax ID: 37/565/51255
  • VAT ID: DE365569867

Our leadership

Pedro Piñera

CEO and Co-Founder

Marek Fořt

CTO and Co-Founder

Tax certificates

The following certificates are available for download: