Longevity Manifesto

Software made for eternity

Tuist was built for the future of Xcode development. We believe that code is abundant and should be owned by both everyone and no one.

Tuist GmbH, a technology startup from Berlin, Jessnerstrasse 27A 10247, is the sole owner of the Tuist trademark, and provides core contributors for Tuist. Tuist is MIT-Licensed, but Tuist Cloud is closed source and proprietary to secure the funding for Tuist.

With many active contributors, more than hundreds companies using Tuist, a sponsorships program, and a growing community, we are confident that Tuist will be around for a long time.

However, in the unlikely event of Tuist GmbH discontinuing to support the Tuist repositories, we'll re-license Tuist Cloud with a permissive license and transfer ownership of the repositories to the top contributors at that given time.

As long as Xcode projects exist, developers will continue to create exciting projects and prosper.

We’ll make sure they can build them, forever.

Pedro and Marek