Open Source Projects

At Tuist we design and develop projects in the open following Unix’s principle:

Make each program do one thing well. To do a new job, build afresh rather than complicate old programs by adding new “features”.

Our tools and libraries are made up by combining smaller building blocks in different repositories. Each of them is versioned, documented and includes documentation to use and contribute to them. All of them embrace the MIT license so that you are free to leverage them to build your tools.

The following projects are part of the Tuist organization:


📝 Read, update and write your Xcode projects
MIT License


🚀 Create, maintain, and interact with Xcode projects at scale
MIT License


📱 A simctl wrapper in Swift
MIT License


🍋 Acho is a Swift library to generate interactive CLI prompts
MIT License


🧪 Shell is a µ-library written Swift to run system commands
MIT License

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