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Easing the maintenance of large and modular Xcode projects is not the only challenge teams run into when scaling up projects. Other challenges that they face are keeping the build and test times low, both locally and on CI (i.e. faster feedback), and ensuring that the projects and the derived artifacts (e.g. app bundles) meet some quality standards. For instance, in most Xcode projects, when developers open pull/merge requests, they don’t have a way to know if they are negatively impacting the quality of the project: build times are under a reasonable value, or the size of the apps is acceptable.

Tuist can leverage the generation of Xcode projects to help teams with those challenges. However, it needs a server side component that holds a state across project generations, builds, and all the team members. The subset of features that require that server side component are referred to as cloud.

Work in progress

We are currently working on defining and implementing cloud features. The reason why the documentation already exists is because we follow the Readme Driven Development (RDD) approach to think through the project before writing the code.

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