Apps at scale

Apps at scale is a series of interviews to companies and projects that are doing app development at scale. Discussions about how to overcome the challenges that come with scaling up projects and teams are often scattered and privately held. Therefore, our aim with these interviews is to have a public and central place for projects to share their experiences. If you would like to share your experience too, let us know on this discussion.

#6 George Tsifrikas - What led us to modularize Workable's project was high build times

2020-10-08 10 min read

In this interview of apps at scale we interview George Tsifrikas, iOS team lead at Workable. He shares his experience growing their Xcode project into a modular app, how they use reactive programming extensively throughout the app, and the testing strategies that they follow to ship new features with confidence.

#3 Kamil Pyć - With Bazel we were able to reduce build times by 70% on clean builds

2020-06-22 5 min read

In this interview, we talk with Kamil Pyć, Senior Mobile Developer at Allegro. Allegro is one of the few companies that have undertaken replacing Xcode's build system with Bazel, and that led them to an improvement in build times of roughly 95%. In this interview, Kamil shares more about Bazel's adoption, and some other insights about their project and teams.

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